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Providing same-day service, our team of expert dog trainers covers the entire Brisbane area, resolving training issues once and for all, wherever they’re needed. You can rely on our team to deliver top-notch dog training services in Brisbane at competitive prices.

Dog Agression towards food?

Dog Obedience Training

Puppy Training

When it comes to dog aggression training, it’s important to start with understanding the root cause. Dog owners need to recognise that aggression in our k9’s can stem from fear, territorial instincts, or past experiences. Positive reinforcement techniques, like rewarding calm behaviour, can help modify aggressive tendencies. Consistency is key—whether it’s teaching obedience commands or desensitising them to triggers. Seeking professional help from a expert dog trainer is advisable for severe cases.

When it comes to dog obedience training, GriffoTrainers know the drill. Starting early is key to instilling good habits. Teaching basic commands like sit, stay, and come ensures a well-behaved companion. Positive reinforcement, such as treats or praise, motivates learning. Consistency is vital—repeating commands and enforcing rules consistently reinforces obedience. Dog owners should make training sessions fun and engaging to keep their mates interested. Patience is essential; every dog learns at their own pace.

When it comes to puppy training, starting early is key. Owners need to understand that consistency and patience are vital. Teaching basic commands like sit, stay, and come sets the foundation for obedience. Positive reinforcement, such as treats or praise, encourages good behavior. Training sessions should be fun and engaging to keep puppies interested. Professional trainers can provide guidance for more complex behaviors. With dedication and a wagging tail, puppies can grow into well-behaved companions, making every walk a joy for their owners.


  • Whether you’re training your dog for obedience or tackling behavior issues or cleaning up accidents, we know just how stressful dog training tasks and emergencies can be. We’ve all been there so we understand what you’re going through.

  • Our trainers do all they can to take away any stresses and hassle so that you can enjoy a well-trained dog. They’ll treat your home as if it were their own, and leave it clean, neat, and tidy. Many of our clients even joke that their house is cleaner after our visits than it was before!

  • Training Services – obedience training, behavior modification, puppy training, leash training, socialisation, trick training

  • Behavioral Solutions – addressing aggression, anxiety, chewing, barking, jumping, digging

  • Preventative Measures – obedience maintenance, behavior assessments, training consultations

  • In-Home Training – personalised coaching, private lessons, tailored training plans, home environment analysis

  • Real Life Dog Training – obedience classes, puppy socialisation, advanced training workshops, Home Security

  • Emergency Training – available 7 days for urgent behavior issues and training emergencies

Dog Training Brisbane
Expert Dog Trainer Brisbane

Customised Dog Training Plans

If your dog is yelping and barking when you are away, and you are getting complaints from neighbours or your council in Brisbane, we can help with separation anxiety so your dog is occupied and not feeling so lonely when you are away.

Dogs wear their affections on their sleeves. They show their affection by jumping all over you or your guests. Whilst this is cute, it’s only sometimes practical and can leave you with a big mess on your clothes whenever your dog is nearby. We help teach your dog when it’s okay to jump and play and when to listen and obey.

Being aggressive with food is often a sign of other issues. Dogs should not be aggressive with you or their food. We help your dog have a proper temperament so there is no need for aggression with their food.

Walking your dog should be an enjoyable experience. Sometimes it’s not if your dog is constantly distracted, won’t listen to you or follows your commands. We teach you how to take control so that your dog will listen to you.

A new puppy in your home is exciting for any individual or family. But the reality soon hits home when your puppy can make a mess instantly and wreak havoc in your home or backyard. We can help you so your puppy will obey and be well-behaved.

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