Dog Obedience Training Brisbane

Obedience training is important to get results
Dog Obedience Training Brisbane

Expert Dog Obedience Training

Are you searching for a reliable, effective dog obedience training program in Brisbane? Look no further than Dog Training Begins! Our trainers are here to assist you in training your furry companion and fostering a strong bond with them.

When we talk about dog obedience training, it refers to teaching your dog commands. Enrolling your dog in our obedience training program can help them become well-behaved, disciplined and friendly. We offer training services tailored to meet needs and preferences at Dog Obedience Training Brisbane.

The ideal time to commence obedience training for puppies is between 8 and 16 weeks. This period is when their brains are most receptive to learning. They are still developing their socialisation skills. However, it’s never too late to begin training your dog. Older dogs can benefit from obedience training. Our expert trainers are skilled at working with dogs of all ages.

Can You Train a 2-Year-Old Dog Obedience?

It is indeed possible to train a dog that’s two years old in obedience. Although it might require some time and effort compared to training a dog with patience and consistency, it can be accomplished. The duration of the obedience training process can vary depending on the dog’s breed, age, personality and temperament and the specific training methods employed. Generally speaking, fully training a dog in obedience can take weeks to months. It’s important to remember that training is an endeavour that necessitates consistency and reinforcement.

Typically the challenging age range for training dogs falls between 6 and 18 months old. During this period, they tend to test boundaries, become more independent and may have increased energy levels and distractions to contend with. However, even a three-year-old dog can still be trained successfully. While older dogs may take longer to grasp behaviours than their counterparts, there is always time to begin training.

The five essential principles for training your dog to be obedient are as follows;

1. Consistency is consistently using the commands and techniques every time you train your dog.

2. Focus on reinforcement. Reward behaviour rather than focus on punishing bad behaviour.

3. Be patient throughout training, as teaching your dog behaviours takes time and effort.

4. Timely correction is essential. Address your dog’s misbehaviour immediately so they understand what they did wrong.

5. Stay persistent in your training efforts. Continue practising even after your dog has grasped the basics.

Remember, it’s never too late to start training a dog. Although older dogs may require time and effort, you can still teach them behaviours and reinforce positive habits. While some basic obedience commands can be conducted within two weeks, it’s crucial to understand that training is a process that necessitates consistency and reinforcement.

Dog obedience includes the following.

  • Time out
  • Playtime
  • Dog Recall
  • Not to react
  • Stay command
  • Walking your dog
  • Sitting in public
  • Teach how to heal
  • How to correct your dog
  • This would suit the owner who wants to learn commands.